In case it saves someone some headaches….

The HP 2355xi printer had worked fine on XP. The user had a new laptop with Windows 7 32bit and we just couldn’t get any driver to install for the printer, HP 2355xi all-in-one. We got Windows 7 to automatically download and install some drivers for its other functions such as scanning and reading memory cards but not printing.

After some elevator music with HP and finally talking to a rep, we were told that they are aware that it does not work, even though their website for that specific printer says that no drivers are necessary from them and that Windows 7 will download and install the appropriate driver. They said the printer is obsolete and that it will never work and that they are aware of the problem. Case closed?

Well not really, not willing to give up, I talked to another HP rep online, and luckily he was clever enough and nice enough to let me in on a little secret; the DeskJet 990C driver will work nicely on Windows 7 for the HP 2355xi printer…(for Vista I think he said DeskJet 6800 or so..)

After I did an update of the windows printer drivers and then installed the DeskJet 990C printer driver, once I plugged in the HP 2355xi again it found that driver and happily used it!