1. Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrades/Migration

Tired of annoying Windows Vista issues? We can migrate your system to the new Windows 7 technology for you, some systems may even qualify for a FREE Windows 7 license!

    1. Computer Repair

Is your PC full of viruses? Are you afraid to do your online banking on your PC because of possible viruses? Contact us today for a free online consultation!

    1. Computer Consulting

Do you have an IDEA of a website or web service you’d like to create but need help with choosing a domain name, planning, designing, and developing your system? Contacts us for a free online consultation!

Besides general computer consulting and remote or on-site analysis and repair, we offer a variety of website services for everyone; from business professionals to soccer moms!


We specialize in creating websites for those who don’t want to learn any html or programming to maintain their websites, anyone can have a website regardless of their computer skills! If you know what you want and you’re looking for a Quick! and hassle-free web presence, CONTACT US NOW and we’ll have you running your own website in no time, absolutely no computer skills needed, we’ll handle everything for you. (We can even update content for you or set it up so that you can easily modify and add content as easy as drag and drop!)

If you have already recently signed up with an online service or purchased shared webhosting but need help navigating unintuitive hosting systems and creating your websites, we can help.


Are you a professional who needs help managing a dedicated or virtual private (VPS) server for your business? Be it Windows Server 2003/2008, or any LINUX server distribution, we can manage your servers so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Each solution is tailored specifically to YOUR needs. Please contact us today!