Client family did not want to use Facebook or Myspace or any other free service due to security reasons. They wanted to keep exclusive ownership over what they post online but all the other services they looked at claimed they owned everything uploaded to their servers, including any personal photos!

They also did not want anyone to easily be able to look at or copy their family pictures, so we created a secured private website where only their family members or friends could create accounts for and participate. (The site was designed with more than one layer of security protection so that it would not be compromised.) The website setup included a family email list to also make email communication much easier amongst the family members who were spread all over the country and overseas.

Many people do not realize that most free services where they can go and upload their pictures have a service (TOS – terms of service) agreement whereby you automatically agree to when using their service. These TOS agreements give the service provider full co-ownership to ‘everything’ you post or upload to their website. This means you are no longer the sole owner of your pictures. They could legally do whatever they want with them after you upload them to their servers. Isn’t that a scary thought!?

Imagine that you uploaded some pics to myspace, hi5, facebook or other social network and later you realized it was a big mistake, perhaps you upload the wrong picture, OOPS! Or perhaps you realized you didn’t want the whole world to be able to see that, the fact is that you can never really completely undo such an upload or post. These systems are so massively mirrored and backed up that your picture will almost certainly still be available somewhere on their servers for some time or forever even if you delete it from the user interface they give you.

The absolute best secure method to host your most ‘personal’ photos meant for only you or only those you designate to view, is to have your own personal website. (And with this option, for the utmost control over your photos, videos, or other data, is to host your website on a dedicated server.)

If you want to take back control of your private data, just say NO FACEBOOK! and CONTACT US.