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Business client couldn’t connect to his office Terastation from his Vista laptop

The client complained that he was sure he was typing the correct user and password but the Buffalo Terastation at his company office kept denying him access. The fix for the client was pretty quick and painless, if you have similar issues you can try editing your registry (take usual backup precautions and then do a regedit for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Lsa and for the LMCompatabilityLevel DWORD value data set it to 1, you can try creating the value first if its not in there.) You can probably also try doing the same thing through the local security policy with secpol.msc, in security options setting the Lan Manager Authentication Level to “Send LM & NLTM, use NTMLv2 session if negotiated”.

The best Windows Vista Fix: Windows7?

Well, for some users the best fix for their Windows Vista PC may really be to just upgrade to Windows 7, some may even qualify for free upgrades and not even know it! We should warn against too much enthusiasm for things can always go wrong during an upgrade, so it pays to take your time and do it properly, first backing up everything. The reality is, that Windows 7 is really still ‘Vista’ under the hood, we tend to think of VISTA as “BETA” testing software and with Windows 7 we finally got the Gold release, the final product. It’s still not perfect, and IE may still crash on you along with other glitches but for many Windows7 has proven to be much more stable.