A medical student overwhelmed with impending exams was desperate to get his laptop working again. It was so badly infected everything was crashing. Due to the complex software setups and data he had on the laptop, he could not afford the time needed for a clean install. After thorough analysis of the laptop, we found tons of viruses and malicious spyware which had crippled low-level networking and completely hijacked his browser. We manually tracked down and disabled spyware that anti-virus software was not able to clean or reverse the damage they had done.

It would be a good place to mention a nice piece of software here, it was not used to clean this client’s system, but in the past I have found it to be very useful in restoring systems so badly infected that they wouldn’t boot properly or Microsoft Internet Explorer was completely killed and not working. The software is from WebRoot company made specifically as anti-spyware against various rootkits and trojan viruses.